Similar to raw juicing, drinking green smoothies is one of the most powerful nutritional therapies because it delivers key micronutrients to your cells, helping your body tackle many of the top diseases and health conditions, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, and arthritis.Green smoothie

Because green smoothies contain all of the major macronutrients including fat and fiber, a green smoothie canbe used as part of a meal replacement strategy to help facilitate fat burning and weight (fat) loss.

I was originally introduced to smoothies by one of my Xerox managers when I returned to work after my coma recovery and 30 days on disabilityAt that time, my endocrinologist had recommended that I take a laxative because some of the medications were causing severe dehydration and uncomfortable gastrointestinal problems. But, the laxatives didn't work -- they just caused more discomfort.

When my manager suggested that I try a smoothie, honestly, I didn't think that was going to solve my problem. But, I was willing to try anything! So, I blended a bunch of stuff including some almond milk, flaxseed, blueberries, a handful of baby spinach, some water, a few ice cubes, and a pinch of cinnamon.

WOW! It really tasted great! -- like a milkshake! And, I love milkshakes! Smile
Needless to say, I was surprised that I liked it.

More importantly, within a couple days, my gastrointestinal problem was flushed away! After several days, I felt like I had lost 20 pounds! All of a sudden I had this energy I hadn't really felt before, because I had been very sluggish and fatigued since getting out of the hospital. Surprised

p.s. Hmm-mm, I'm not sure if I ever thanked that manager for her advice ... ["Thanks, Pam!"  Smile]

Why Drink Green Smoothies?
First of all, green smoothies are easy to make  and usually require less work than juicing. Also, most blenders tend to be easier to clean than most juicers. Yay! Smile

Green smoothieIn addition, green smoothies are filling and can be used as replacement meals to help with fat loss. Another option is to drink a green smoothie before meals.

That will help to reduce your appetite and help with weight (fat) loss. Also, green smoothies help with bowel regularity and acid indigestion.

Green smoothies have an alkaline reaction in the body and help protect against acid build-up as well as stimulate the body to manufacture hemoglobin. Green smoothies contain organic water, the purest most natural water available to us, and they cleanse the body of the waste within the cells and tissues.

Green smoothies)contain an abundance of chlorophyll, which is a molecule whose structure is almost exactly the same as the hemoglobin molecule of the human blood. Chlorophyll helps to repair tissue and is very important in helping to remove toxins from the body.

As a result, green smoothies can help to accelerate your body's repair process and help to reverse your diabetes in less time. In fact, you should notice your blood glucose level starting to come down during the first week of the Death to Diabetes Wellness Program! -- as long as you are following the entire program, not just the juicing or smoothie component.
Blueberrie smoothie

Smoothies are unique because they allow the gastrointestinal system to receive very concentrated amounts of phytonutrients that could not be obtained by eating a normal amount of raw vegetables and fruits.

Green, leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale help to cleanse and heal the gastrointestinal tract. The phytonutrient properties of

Drinking as little as 3 cups of a green smoothie each day will help the body detoxify and regenerate through the assimilation of the earth’s life-giving nutrients.

Health Benefits of Green Smoothies
As long as you design your green smoothies with the right foods in combination with eating balanced meals, there are many health benefits that green smoothies can provide, including the following:
-- Meal replacement (for weight loss)
-- Stabilize blood glucose levels
-- Lower blood pressure
-- Lower cholesterol
-- Reduce inflammation
-- Reduce oxidative stress
-- Weight loss
-- Reduce cravings
-- Increase nutrient absorption
For specific green smoothie recipes that address diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, heart disease and other similar health issues, obtain a copy of the Power of Juicing & Green Smoothies ebook developed by the author of Death to Diabetes.

And, if you want to lose weight and that hard-to-lose belly fat, raw juicing is an excellent weight-loss therapy. Consequently, get this ebook along with the Death to Obesity Weight Loss ebook.

Green smoothies

Strawberry smoothie

The Power of Green Smoothies

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